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Route to Resilience


Route to Resilience


Welcome to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Route to Resilience! The Route to Resilience, or RtoR, is an interactive tool designed to help your water or wastewater utility to become more resilient to all-hazards incidents. The RtoR has five stops: Assess, Plan, Train, Respond and Recover; at each stop you will learn more about these five aspects of resilience, and discover tools and resources to aid you in your journey. Each stop contains three tasks:

  1. LEARN by watching a brief video that explains the stop’s own unique aspect of resilience.
  2. CHOOSE a resiliency goal that best matches your utility’s desired capabilities and needs.
  3. CREATE a customized report that lists appropriate tools and resources designed to help you achieve those goals.

The RtoR is flexible; you can revisit and change your resiliency goals at any time and update your customized report. To begin your journey, click on the “Next” button and watch the RtoR introductory video! If you want to view the videos on this site with closed captioning, click the link on the top left of the video screen.



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